Cart surfer Tip

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Cart surfing tip
Hi! Penguins!

Read This! Cart Surfer has always been one of my best games but I never thought of this thing to do. And tomorrow Rockhopper leaves so grab his free item now!!! To go to his ship, go to first the Beach and his ship is docked there. After you’re on his ship go to the cargo hold, then click on a button in the right downer corner. This week they’ve launched a new surfing mode in Catchin’ Waves; surf lesson mode! It teaches you how to surf for those who are having troubles with it.



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There will be every week-month some tips & hints here. Check it out sometimes!

Hello Penguin Buddies!

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I am Chatillon, Find me in the U.S. , Christmas server,I usually log in from Thusday to Sunday to read newspapers. Ask me questions if you have, I’ll help you as much as I can.chatillon.jpg

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